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Probiohide is a PRO-biotic feed additive that was developed by us to strengthen the horse’s microbiome. Wherever Probiohealth builds up the microbiome, Probiohide strengthens these positive microorganisms in the horse’s digestive tract and thus stabilizes the immune system for maximum performance and optimal health.

Probiotic stabilization and optimal strengthening for the horse’s microbiome and thus for the immune system of your horse!
Care and protection of the entire mucous membranes!
Improve digestion and reduce digestive problems!

Our tip: Combine Probiohealth and Probiohide as a feed additive for digestive problems in the horse, but also for hoof and skin problems. The load on the stable floor is reduced and the hooves are thus indirectly protected.

Probiohide – nutrient optimizer as a feed additive for a strong and stable digestion! #horse health #horse digestion

Probiohide – the ideal combination to increase the effectiveness of Probiohealth! #horse diarrhea

Probiohide – reduction of the germ load on the stable floor! #stall hygiene #horse hygiene #inhalation hygiene