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Based on a probiotic impregnation solution for horse’s hooves, which builds up a strong protective shield for the problematic hooves and skin of your horse. The most sustainable hygiene with which you can care for your horse. Can also be used for caring for hoof rot, thrush and malaise!

Probiotic impregnation for sustainable hoof and skin protection.
Hygiene that is modeled on nature and builds up a strong protective shield.
Ideally suited for massive problems on the hoof and on the skin of your animal! Creates a hygienic balance.
Our tip: Spray Hoofbiorepair on the stable floor to impregnate a probiotic protective shield on the floor and thus indirectly protect the hooves!

Hoofbiorepair – cares for and protects your horse’s hoof and skin on a probiotic basis! # hoof rot # jet rot #mauke

Hoofbiorepair – supports your horse with the active protective shield even when changing stables frequently! #pferdesport #tourist horses

Hoofbiorepair – innovative and effective hoof and skin impregnation for efficient and healthy horses! #horse hygiene #inhalation hygiene