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Currently the world’s best EUBITEC horse hygiene product for targeted use for all hoof problems and skin problems of your horse. Also particularly recommended for animal care with hoof rot / thrush!

100% hygienically effective without hazardous substances!
Natural hygiene in the event of infestation by germs such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores!
Specifically designed for massive skin and hoof problems!
For hygienic use with hoof rot / thrush and sore skin!
Without hazardous substances and poisons such as alcohol, aldehydes, phenols and non-flammable!
Works according to the same physical principle and the nature-identical chain of active ingredients as the mammalian immune system.

Hoofbioclean – for 100% hygiene on the hoof and on the skin of your horse! # hoof rot # jet rot #mauke

Hoofbioclean – so that ambitiously ridden horses are quickly fit again! #horse sport #reitturnier

Hoofbioclean – because your horse only deserves the best, safest and most effective hygiene! #horse hygiene