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The effective EUBITEC stable hygiene agent and was designed by our development team for all hygiene applications in the stable. The most modern, safest and most effective sanitization of your stable and all accessories!

The 100% perfect hygiene for the stable, saddle, bridle, blankets, boots and all other accessories!
Most effective and easiest inhalation hygiene from EUBITEC; are ideally suited for all horse inhalation devices and also for use by veterinarians!
Also immediately eliminates unpleasant smells by neutralizing the organic odor particles!
Ideal for hygiene in horse breeding and helps you save time and money! Suitable for insemination equipment and milking accessories!

Our tip and note:
The slight smell of saline and swimming pool when using Horsebioclean is a positive sign that the hygiene effect is particularly effective!

Horsebioclean – is non-flammable without any hazardous substances and is gentle on the materials! #stall hygiene

Horsebioclean – creates a natural hygienic environment for animals and humans, even with horse inhalation! #inhalation hygiene

Horsebioclean – cleanliness can simply be safe and effective and at the same time save time and money! #horse hygiene #hygienic agents #hygieneimstall #stallcleanliness #horse health #horse semen # absamen #horse milk #milk hygiene